Inhibiting the CTLA-4 Pathway May Lead to T-Cell Activation and Proliferation and the Generation of Memory T Cells1-5

CTLA-4 is a co-inhibitory receptor

The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on tumor cells must also present antigens to T-cell receptors to activate T cells.6


The CTLA-4 pathway acts to downregulate an immune response by binding to CD80 (B7.1) or CD861-3

Inhibiting the CTLA-4 pathway leads to T-cell activation and proliferation and may help generate memory T cells1-5

Video: “CTLA-4 Inhibition”Video: “CTLA-4 Inhibition”
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Tremelimumab (Anti–CTLA-4 Antibody)

Tremelimumab is an investigational, selective human IgG2 mAb inhibitor of CTLA-4.7,8

Tremelimumab promotes T-cell activity through CTLA-4 inhibition, but does not deplete regulatory T cells.7

Tremelimumab is being clinically investigated as a combination therapy for the potential treatment of cancer.9

When used in combination with an anti–PD-L1 agent, tremelimumab may have the potential to boost the biological and clinical effect of PD-L1 inhibition.9

As cancer immunotherapy, tremelimumab may have the potential to provide treatment to a different population of cancer patients. This includes working in combination with durvalumab (MEDI4736), where both therapies may have enhanced activity compared to each one being used on its own.9

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